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tl;dr sleeping nao

001 [Action]

[The first thing Ammy realizes is that she's not as strong as she was back home. Those tendrils of light on her back are gone as well as the extra markings; she can tell that even without opening her eyes. The second thing she notices is that she's lying on the ground instead of standing with her paws against the window on the ship to the Celestial Plain. The third thing is the pain at her back which definitely isn't from the light disappearing.

Ah ha. Here she thought she'd left this place for good, though she can't say she isn't happy to be here. But still, couldn't it have waited until after she got to the Plain? Jeez.

Ammy finally lifts her head and yawns as she regards the village she's in now. Just as she thought. Everything was pretty much exactly how she left it, and though she only spent a couple of hours back home, she knows that much more time has passed here in Luceti. That meant she had a lot of people to find.

... But that can wait.

With another yawn, Ammy lays her head back down, lets out a sigh and shuts her eyes. She might be right in the middle of the path, but you know what? She just got done with an hour long boss fight with the embodiment of evil and darkness itself where she lost all her powers and nearly died and suddenly had a power rush and lordie. She deserves a year long nap.

Is she on your pathway? On your bridge? In your garden? Right in front of your door? You decide; her location is mostly ambiguous!]


[Ammy has encountered a bit of a problem.

Usually when her wings would get dirty, she'd pass by bushes or low hanging branches to pick out whatever was caught up in there, or just pick them out with her teeth if they were near the base of the wings. Today, however, there are a few twigs caught up so deeply in her feathers that nothing she does can make them come out. This wouldn't be such a big problem if she had opposable thumbs, but alas...!

So she sits in the middle of the village and stares with annoyance at the ground while her wings twitch with irritation. Help?]


[In the stilled shock that happens after the earthquake, one can find a white wolf plus a bouncing yellow bug on her head sweeping the village. Everyone seems to be helping each other out, and Ammy isn't one to interfere when it seems to be taken care of by the humans. The injured are tended to, those trapped are being rescued, and whoever may be dead... It's a depressing thought, but they'll probably come back.

What the humans can't do, however, is repair the damage. Ammy stops in front of one pile of rubble and, with Miya's confirmation and a stroke of the Celestial Brush from them both, two walls stand as if there never was an earthquake. Again, two more walls, again, the roof and ceiling. It seems like the only things that didn't make it were whatever valuables may have been inside...

Miyabi and Ammy both have to sigh and take a breath. Doing this drains their Celestial Ink, and wasting it all would render them powerless for a short time. It wouldn't be a good idea to go that far while there was still much to do.

If anyone would like for Ammy and Miyabi to fix their homes, or even just want something to hug on to and cry for a while, they can wave them down and ask for it, for now that Ammy has her full strength, she can do much more for everyone.]

[[ooc: And please, scoot on over to this post for more information and if you have any questions or concerns about their restoration powers!]]


[Ammy had been chilling out by her trees and watching the village when she saw a glowing green ball bounce in front of her nose before disappearing to the side. At first, it didn't even register to her. But then, she blinks hard and shakes herself out of stupor before she leaps to her feet and looks around, almost frantically searching for that little ball. But... there's nothing there. There isn't even a smell of the small friend she was searching for... Not Issun or Miyabi. Was she just seeing things, then? Did she miss him so much that she saw a glimpse of him? Her longing to see him again has been pretty awful lately, and combined with the smell of the cherry blossom trees...

With a long sigh to herself, Ammy shakes her head and runs to the village, creating a trail of flowers along the way. She's been reminded of lost friends, one still safe in her world and one in the clutches of the Malnosso... And so she wants to check on her current ones. Just to reassure herself that they're okay, to see that they're still there... And maybe she'd like to be petted a little.

So, friends and strangers alike, expect to see a white wolf peering into your window. Just watching. ... Maybe letting her gaze linger on whatever food you have out. But she's mostly just watching what's going on and trying her best to ignore the fact that what she saw seemed so real...]
Dreaming of cake


[Today, Ammy finds herself sprawled out by the food shop, having eaten until she was satisfied and had grown tired. She's dozing lightly, and thus having half-dreams of sorts. Things only pop up shortly and very randomly, so villagers might see images that seem disjointed. A chicken leg with wings sprouted on either side flying across her head, only to disappear into the air. The wood sprite of her world, Sakuya, turning slowly to reveal only thick clouds covering her naughtier areas before vanishing. A small green light, almost like a firefly, bouncing up and down a few times. For those of you who know Miyabi, it's pretty much just like her. And then, a large black dragon's head that lunges forward with rows of teeth opening up... before it's hit back into the wall by that same flying chicken leg from before, making it disappear again.

After that, all that occasionally appears above Ammy's head is what looks like a smaller version of the sun itself. Feel free to come across her at any point.]
Bring it!


[Ammy has mostly left her tree alone, figuring that Haruki needed that space for a while to hold the Hanami. She's also been keeping out on the patrol for her little poncle friend.

But now she's returned. She walks through the row of smaller trees, seeming content for a wolf. She never thought she'd plant more cherry blossom trees, and now that she has, she's glad she thought of it.

And then she sees her tree as well as a sight that she hoped she didn't have to see. Someone defiled her tree. The flowers aren't a beautiful light pink but a... weird, weird dark pink, almost red. What did Haruki do?

Ammy dashes up the hill, gazing up at the flowers with a gape. What happened? The outrage and confusion makes her growl and whine to herself, and she raises her nose in the air before she lowers it to the ground, trying to find the source of the problem. Ah, there, a scent that's different than usual...

Furiously, Ammy begins to dig. She happens to be a very strong and fast digger, so as dirt flies everywhere, she quickly finds herself going deeper and deeper into the ground. Soon enough, she finds what's causing the tree to be such an odd color.

And thus, the fake... skeleton thing is tossed into the air and slashed right in half. And with those parts, she slashes again, making them into four parts. And again and again... Until many pieces of it fall to the ground.

She then jumps out of the hole and begins to cover up it with the loose soil. Feel free to ask what the pieces are, why she's agitated, or whatever.]
Bring it!


[Everyone has gone nuts. Seriously. There are people painting on things, uprooting trees, flouncing about naked or with girl clothes... Ammy isn't really sure what to do about them.

But she does know what to do with herself. She rushes out to her tree, looks it over to make sure it's okay, then takes guard in front of it. For now, she sits, relaxed as can be. But if any of the people affected by the experiment get close, she'll get up and let them know that they can't do anything to the tree. It's her last link to the world she loves - she's not about to let someone defile it.

Anyone who isn't or who promise to leave her tree alone will receive a warm welcome, so feel free to go to her.]